COLORING with remembering same frames?

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COLORING with remembering same frames?

Post by johnnybyron » 06 Nov 2018, 13:52

Hi everybody

For coloring: Is there a way to remember frames, which have been copied to another spot on the same layer? Let's say there is an irregular loop and I don't want to color each, but the few frames that are repeating.
I can imagine that it's not possible, because TvPaint isn't based on roots.... but maybe I am wrong?

Many Thanks for HELP and have a nice day

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D.T. Nethery
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Re: COLORING with remembering same frames?

Post by D.T. Nethery » 06 Nov 2018, 14:23

I think Mads Juul's 'Tracker Shortcuts' custom panel may do what you want. It allows you to give a custom name to instances , then it will track instances with the same name that have been copied on the timeline .

It's in the Content Sharing forum, here:

Use it to copy and paste the current Image out on Instance with the same name.

To use it:

1.) Select one or any number of frames and then press the "AUTO" button. This will rename all those instances.

2.) Then after coloring the frame, press the "T" button, which will automatically track all the instances with the same name and paste the current image on them.

To streamline : Make a keyboard shortcut and assign it: Tracker_Panel_09:Tracker:Next Instance

Doing this will not change anything in the normal use of this key, that is, you can use it all the time you need to advance your cursor to the next instance. But if the instance happens to be one with an * before its name, it will paste the current image onto the instance on the same layer with the same name

To create a separate layer for coloring, click on the thumb of the original line drawing layer and use the white "x2" icon under the Layer tab of the Animator Panel. This will create an exact copy of the layer, including the changed numbers but clears the line drawings to ready the layer for coloring.
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