TVP with cintiq pro 16 4K lagging

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TVP with cintiq pro 16 4K lagging

Post by skomdra » 05 Nov 2018, 20:23

I have a serious problem working because even when I turn on the barbecue mode (believe me, without it is much worse) I still experience my line lagging behind my cursor, with the simplest brush, not to mention some animated brushes. Once when I turn on some of the guideline, the program becomes so laggy that it is unusable. I really don't need this after I paid so much for the newest cintiq pro. How can I make it work, please help me, TVpaint team.
Thank you.

p.s. I checked the usual suspects - the program is running in lo-res mode.
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Re: TVP with cintiq pro 16 4K lagging

Post by Sloppytoons » 07 Nov 2018, 06:52

I'm not TVpaint crew, but I have a similar set up. I ran the Cintiq pro 16 through a 12" Core m5 MacBook, and I could use TVpaint without any serious problem, while waiting for a better computer. I now use it with an iMac core i7 processor, and have practically no lag and a comfortable experience.

My guess is, that it might be with the Cintiq, or there is a driver issue. I run it in 4K too.
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