Keystrokes for android version

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Keystrokes for android version

Post by spyderheart » 09 Oct 2018, 17:43

Hi all,
I've got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and I'm trying to see if I can work on such a small screen. It would be amazing to have TVPaint in my pocket!
It's more or less acceptable for quick sketches and if you generally keep most of the panels hidden. However the one thing I find hard to live without is the Alt key and right-clicking - mainly for canvas panning, zooming, rotating, as well as accessing several options that are generally only available by right-clicking. Let's not forget flips either!

Has anybody come across any third party workarounds to remap some of the hardware buttons on their device in order to emulate these keystrokes?

Conversely, does the TVPaint plan to add anything to facilitate keyboard-free use?

Thanks for any help folks!
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