"Bad File" notification

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"Bad File" notification

Post by MichaelJRuocco » 07 Oct 2018, 19:37

I tried opening an animation file that I've been working on and off with for a few weeks, and today when I opened it, halfway through loading the message "Bad File" came up, and all that's left when it opens is one reference layer. Worst case scenario, I've exported a low-res gif n mp4 file of my last saved progress and I'd have to essentially trace over it again, but is there any way to possibly recover the file?
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Benjamin Cerbai
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Re: "Bad File" notification

Post by Benjamin Cerbai » 08 Oct 2018, 12:30

Hello Michael,

I just sent you a Private Message about your file.
Benjamin Cerbai, illustrator and videographer.

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