Color picker shortcut

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Color picker shortcut

Post by gyurto » 02 Aug 2018, 09:40

Hi! I'm a newbie and I know this is a stupid question, but I can't find the shortcut for color picker. I can't find it in the preferences so I can't change it neither. COuld someone please help me?

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Peter Wassink
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Re: Color picker shortcut

Post by Peter Wassink » 02 Aug 2018, 09:44

if you press 'CTRL-k' this brings up the 'Configure keyboard shortcuts panel' , here you can type 'color' in the search box
and find it yourself.
on the left you find all keys and combi's on the right all TVPaint functions
also you can assign a key of your liking to it!
that was the long answer.
the short answer was:

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