Drawing Mode Shortcut Bug

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Cardin Collins
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Drawing Mode Shortcut Bug

Post by Cardin Collins » 20 Jul 2018, 15:27

Drawing Mode (as listed in the Shortcut Configuration Window)
01 Color
25 (Overlay)
26 (Burn)
27 (Dodge)
28 (Darken)
29 (Lighten)

Bug 1
"B Color to A Color" is missing from the Drawing Mode list in the Shortcuts Configuration Window. It should be #30 but only 29 are listed.

Bug 2
In the shortcut list under Drawing Mode, 25 thru 29 to do not map correctly. For instance, if you assign Overlay to a shortcut and then exit the configuration window, the expected drawing mode should be Overlay but instead it switches to Burn. If you set it to Burn then the actual drawing mode will switch to Dodge. Dodge goes to Darken, Darken to Lighten, and finally Lighten to B Color to A Color. Perhaps Bug 1 is causing this issue?
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Re: Drawing Mode Shortcut Bug

Post by melanie » 25 Jul 2018, 07:53

Added in the To-Do list :)
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