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George Script Lister/debug window?

Posted: 28 May 2018, 20:24
by cgmodeler
Perhaps this is a newbie question but i've been looking on the forum, or the reference guide, the wiki etc... And i can't find if there's a Script lister, or a command window within TVPAINT where one can see which command is being triggered so to copy from that command and paste it on a George Script and get the same functionality.

Is there a way to do this? maybe a debug window? Some window that prints what function tvpaint is doing?

Example, in maya the script editor displays the command response where you can pretty much copy the operator you just used and paste it to run it as a script.
maya_2018-05-28_14-51-46.png (77.41 KiB) Viewed 1468 times
In 3DSmax there's the Macro Recorder and the Script Listener, the macro you can trigger it and it records all the actions by displaying them on code so you can copy and paste that code into the scripts too.
3dsmax_2018-05-28_14-55-24.png (33.5 KiB) Viewed 1468 times
I hope somebody can point me out. Is there a way to start tvpaint with a debug window too?
Thanks in advance!

Re: George Script Lister/debug window?

Posted: 01 Jun 2018, 08:25
by NathanOtano
Not every software works like maya (unfortunately). Maya is written so everything you do is part of a global script you can use and modify and the reste is user interface to make it usable.

TVPaint as limited number of things you can use to create automation, all is done via custom panels : In any order on a button you put george scritps (with it's limited number of functions that triggers tvpaint) and you can also use any shortcut and grab tools (maybe other things).

In general in 3D softwares you can find a hierarchy for eveything cause everything comes from maths, TVPaint is a 2D software so it's all conventions and UI to make 2D easier to produce but there is not that much things you can rationalize in 2D (except effects or camera movements, things you can see in after effect).

So I know that most of the things you do could be "done again" (you still can use the "enter" shortcut to do again things you just done) but I guess it's not that easy to do in the achitecture of TVPaint (maybe a developer could be more clear than me). Most of your actions in TVPaint doesn't really realate to the exact function of what george script commands can do.
Would be awesome however to be able to record our actions like photoshop scripts do so we don't have to know how to script to create complex macros :) creating buttons with a list of shortcuts + commands automatically reccorded