Converting to different frame rates

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Converting to different frame rates

Post by beacky13 » 17 Apr 2018, 20:10

Hi, this is a basic export question

I 'm working on 24 frames/sec and need it to be exported in 30frames h264
i know changing the frame rate in tv paint will mess up my timing

but will bringing into after effects with comp setting as 30frames/sec mess up my timing?

or should i change the comp settings in after effects to 24frames/sec then export it to 30frames/sec?

thank you.

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D.T. Nethery
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Re: Converting to different frame rates

Post by D.T. Nethery » 18 Apr 2018, 11:42

If the intended output for the finished product is 30 FPS , then the best way would be to animate with your TVPaint project set for 30 FPS.

But if you're asking: "Can I animate at 24 FPS in TVPaint , then after the animation is finished convert the animation to 30 FPS without messing up the timing ?" , the answer is yes ; it's a process called 3:2 pulldown . 3:2 pulldown converts 24 FPS film speed to 29.97 FPS video . ... 32pulldown
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