Shortcut questions

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Shortcut questions

Post by MadMeeper » 03 Dec 2017, 02:38

Hey hey!

So I've been using TVPaint for about a year now and I looove it, but I'm still trying to crack the code on how to make it the ultimate animation machine for my needs. I'm used to drawing in Photoshop and so when I move from PS to TVP my workflow hiccups a little bit. So my question to you guys is either - what are the keyboard shotcuts to these functions, OR how can I set them to be custom keyboard shortcuts?
  • - Brush/Line tool (or last used brush)
    - Eraser
    - Selection Tool - "L" for Lasso in PS
    - Deselect selection
    - Toggle free transform/perspective (I free transform my roughs a lot to simulate squash and stretch before tie downs and streamlining this process would be great)
    - Using enter to move around the canvas with a "hand tool" (currently using the Navigator for this, but both Toon Boom and PS use the enter key!)
    - Increase brush size
    - Toggle light box
    - Are there layer folders? If there is I'd love to know
    - Is there a way to export my preferences so if I move to a different computer I can just import all my pre-set shortcuts and workspace?
I use all these things super frequently but I end up pressing buttons where I feel like a keyboard shortcut would be more useful.

I'm using both Windows 10 and OSX, but I use OSX 11 more frequently. I'm on TVP 11.8.0! Let me know if you need more info or if I need to explain something more clearly haha. Thanks!!

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Re: Shortcut questions

Post by slowtiger » 03 Dec 2017, 09:27

There is a list of default keyboard shortcuts in the appendix of the manual. You can customize them under edit/preferences/general/keyboard shorts. I'm afraid some keys are reserved for special purposes, but you'll get used to different shortcuts fast. In fact, now I always try the TVP shortcuts in PS first!
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