Estimate on version 12?

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Estimate on version 12?

Post by nyum-nums » 16 Nov 2017, 23:23

Hello all, been using tvpaint for about six years now, but have never been able to afford upgrading. As of late, I've received a small boost in my freelance work, and may be able to put some of it towards getting version 11.
However, I need an honest answer here- as someone who can only afford to upgrade once every six to seven years because of my work pay, will tvpaint 12 be anywhere in the near future? Is there any sort of rough estimate, or is it so far away that there's not even any guess-work available?
I'd really appreciate a straight answer, as I would be reasonably upset if I spent three years of savings on 11, only to have 12 release a year or so after.

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Re: Estimate on version 12?

Post by Elodie » 18 Nov 2017, 05:56

Straight and honest answer : no version 12 planed in the near future.

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