Mac OS High Sierra (update 15/03/2018)

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Re: Mac OS High Sierra (update 15/03/2018)

Post by TomBancroft » 09 Jul 2018, 14:15

Yes, as Dave mentioned above, I do have it working on my Mac laptop (with High Sierra OS) now. It does seem that the order discribed above DOES matter. I think I had re- installed TVPaint first and then the new driver and it seems you have to do the driver first. I ended up having to uninstall both and redownload and reinstall them both in correct order to make it work. I THINK that was it. A sub problem is that we really needed TV Paint to step in here at the forum and say exactly what needs to be done (with links) and not have to hodge-poster through the forums for bits of the information. The above description by TVPaint is a great start but still refers to other forum solutions so you will have to do a lot of reading to fully figure this solution out. Please add/edit in more information and links to the correct driver(!) into the above description. TVPaint is a great product and my bro and I talk about it (for free) all the time on our podcast because of that. Please continue making it great by having the customer service I’ve always seen in the past. Thanks.

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Re: Mac OS High Sierra (update 15/03/2018)

Post by D.T. Nethery » 11 Jul 2018, 13:22

JeremyN wrote:
09 Jul 2018, 09:34
in a certain order and I think this order should be respected because it seems to work on MacOS High Sierra too (I'm not sure about that).

First, before opening TVPaint or installing it, you must install Safenet driver version 7.4.2,
you can find them here: ... =all&l=all
Unfortunately, this is NOT the version which comes with TVPaint dmg ...
Will the TVPaint dmg file be changed to include Safenet driver 7.4.2 ?

I understand if you want to avoid the expense of burning new install discs if you've got a few hundred of those in stock , BUT most Mac users don't have a disc drive on their computers anymore as Apple has more or less done away with the disc drive , so Mac users must install from a download link anyway. Can't you just change the .dmg file that is downloaded for the Mac version of TVPaint ?

So, for example, when I get a new crop of students in the Fall 2018 semester (starting in September) purchasing TVPaint and they receive their dongle and the install disc (or a download link if they do not have a computer with a disc drive) , when they click on the installer are they going to get the one with the wrong Safenet driver or the usable Safenet 7.4.2 driver ?
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Re: Mac OS High Sierra (update 15/03/2018)

Post by Thierry » 11 Jul 2018, 15:12

The DMGs should be updated now :)
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