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Right click erasing problem

Post by llyubenov » 11 Sep 2017, 09:54

Hello TVPaint forums,

When I started using the software, I soon found out that when you hold RMB you use the eraser - quite handy if you have a laptop like me and if you accidently click f4 (Eraser mode on the brush) without the fn button... well you know. But, something happened and now whenever I switch the frames or whatever I do, when I go back to the frame I want to erase on, it just won't work. If I draw again, holding RMB erases only the new lines I've drawn, without the old ones.
So, the feature that helped me a lot, now is useless and my workflow is really slowed down. Can somebody explain? Have I clicked something, or what is it?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Re: Right click erasing problem

Post by Elodie » 11 Sep 2017, 12:35

In tool panel, check "drying" option so RMB can erase anytime (and not the last strokes)
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