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Why AntiAliasing on transform tools?

Posted: 06 Jun 2017, 11:35
by NathanOtano
Was just thinking about it : why do we have an antialisaing option on transform tools? I mean, an aliased stroke will end up aliased anyway and AA would be needed only when an aliased stroke is transformed and we want a non-aliased stroke at the end.
But why would we need antialiasing on any transform (scale/rotate/translate)? I could run more tests but for me it just ads an unecessary degradation on my image

EDIT : Running more tests, indeed while reducing a line, some strokes are smoother. But the point was that, especially while zooming a textured brush, it often looks better without antialiasing. Maybe AA is more obvious using photographies? So I guess you just have to choose if AA is suited to your case or not, and that's why the "medium" parameter is here I suppose. And even for smooth lines medium is often better, and I see it's the parameter in the smart option. So maybe "best" isn't the best name, "hard" could be more suited.