Rotating Tablet computer causes TVpaint to Crash

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Rotating Tablet computer causes TVpaint to Crash

Post by Kylerk » 13 Apr 2018, 15:22

Seven years ago I reported a bug in TVpaint posting.php?f=10&mode=reply&t=4891&sid= ... 4ed#review

This bug still exists.


1. Run TVpaint 11.0.8 Standard on Windows 10 ( version 1709), on a portable computer that allows for auto screen orientation. ( in my case a Surface Pro 3). Set to english.
2. Have rotation lock turned off.
3. Rotate the computer 90 degrees so Windows decides to reorient the whole operating system.

Result: TVpaint will freeze and become unresponsive. It never recovers.

Expected result: TVpaint should continue running happily.

Notes: Happens in fullscreen or not fullscreen mode. Happens with empty projects.

Does not happen if TVpaint has been minimized before the system is rotated.

In the previous thread, the bug was not reproduced by TVpaint developers device. This happens on my old and new computer, with every version of TVpaint I have ever used.

Please fix this bug. It has cause many incidents of lost work and annoyance.

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Re: Rotating Tablet computer causes TVpaint to Crash

Post by Tylos » 15 Apr 2018, 16:32

Same problem there. The bug can be reproduced by detaching second screen too(if display have "extended desktop"). Or changing display orientation from landscape to portrait.. It looks like it connected to screen size..

Tested on "intel nuc i3-5010u" windows 10. and on surface 1 pro a while ago.... intel graphics maybe??

But work can be saved if tvpaint freezes:) you have to choose from windows "start" meniu "shut down" pc. Then you get dialog or you whant to terminate apps.. you have to choose "cancel". Then your tvpaint should show dialog of "save modificationd" and 50% you can click save...

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