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by theBrian
15 Dec 2019, 11:56
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: unknown file format: crash
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unknown file format: crash

Dear tvpainters there's this file, and when I try to go into one of the clips, a message "unknown file format" pops up and TVPaint Is blocked. means I can't access it anymore :cry: os: mojave 10.14.6 TVPaint 11 pro 11.0.6. 64-bits tvpp file size is roughly 1.4gb anyone had (a solution for) this prob...
by theBrian
23 Aug 2019, 14:10
Forum: Off Topic Discussions
Topic: Cintiq 13" over 21.5"
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Cintiq 13" over 21.5"

Hello, after my Cintiq budget is finally large enough to look for a used one :D I have a question concerning these two models that I could get for a decent price. 21.5" dth-2242 versus 13" hd DTK-1300-1 1. Does anyone have experience with the 21.5" DTH-2242 and TVPaint 11 on Mac OS(mojave). Any issu...
by theBrian
05 Jan 2017, 21:11
Forum: Contents Sharing
Topic: Watercolour / watercolor brushes
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Re: Watercolour / watercolor brushes

Lovely brushes, thanks elodie!